About AYE

I was originally born in the Bay Area but grew up in Tokyo, Japan. I moved to LA for dance after college and then decided to pursuit my passion through the commercial industry. I’ve been fortunate enough to gain much experience and work on many jobs along the way, some of my most memorable work has been with dancing for Micheal Jackson, Beyonce, Missy Elliot and most notably, Pharrell Williams. I was discovered by Pharrell on YouTube actually and worked with him on many of his Music Videos, Live shows and World Tours. It was some of the best years of my life to be a “BAE,”(Pharrell call his dancers BAE) a period of 6 years that I’ll always keep close to me.  


I still do commercial work from time to time or you might find me teaching dance here and there but the pandemic really shifted things for me as an artist. I had some time to really expand my creativity, it gave me space to use my hands more. I was constantly working on DIY projects at my place when I stumbled upon making earrings. I realize it was a great canvas for me to bring things I liked into one place. I’m in love colors and shapes, it just makes me happy! I felt this was a great way for me to share what I love while adding value to someone else’s life. My hope is that when someone wears my earrings they feel bright, bold and confident…and there you have it, Studio AYE was born. 


I see this brand as an extension of my creativity the same way dance is. Both giving me happiness and satisfaction but in two different ways. My ability to be particular and have a peculiar sense about what goes together is what makes me UNIQUE., and that you can find both my dancing and the earrings I make.